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Flash Billard 2D

Billard 2D
Traditional pool game, with possibility to have two players. Excellent gameplay and graphics.

Flash Soccer

By the authors of famous Globulos, here a play of foot very sympathetic nerve. It is a question of drawing from the frank blows in various positions. A sour value‚?¶

Flash Bike Mania

Bike Mania
Trial game Motor bike very quite carried out, where it will be necessary much cold blood for you to pass the many obstacles of the various courses available on this play all in flash.

Flash World Cup Headers 2006

World Cup Headers 2006
Set of footy-volleyball, with the teams of the world cup of football 2006.

Flash Tennis Game

Tennis Game
It is the first set of tennis carried out in flash and available on Internet! This play is carried out by Taro Ito de GameDesign.

Flash Sonar Challenge

Sonar Challenge
Very realistic simulation of soccer juggling.

Flash Dirt Bike

Dirt Bike
Play of DirtBike, with the program: crossing of obstacles in motocross. It is enough as soon as possible to pass the obstacles without falling from your motor bike. All is played keyboard, with Top to accelerate, Bas to move back, Droite and Left to lean ahead and behind.

Flash Bike Mania 2

Bike Mania 2
New version improved of Bike Handled, there still the goal remains unchanged : crossing of obstacle on board a motor bike cross-country race. But this time on more vigorous courses, a more realistic handiness with also integrated in this game of motor bike trial.

Flash Bike Mania On Ice

Bike Mania On Ice
New version improved of Bike Handled & Bike Mania 2, there still the goal remains unchanged : crossing of obstacle on board a motor bike cross-country race. But this time on more vigorous courses because it is a question of evolving/moving on ice, the handiness feels some and the obstacles are sometimes vigorous to pass.

Flash Rugby

You incarnate one of the 3 players of Rugby and must traverse all the ground to be able to mark a test, but attention many are the defenders (Space to pass click left for sprinter with the ball).

Flash Free Kick Expert

Free Kick Expert
Set of frank blows arranged very well. You to proportion the direction and the power of the shooting, try to touch the zones of no-claims bonus by avoiding the players to pass at the higher levels.

Flash FreeKick Mania

FreeKick Mania
Meeting of frank blows rather particular. You have the choice between 3 protagonists, each one possèdant of the characteristic clean. During shootings you can invert the players between them to let them take again forces.

Flash Bowling

A very realistic bowling game.

Flash Tennis Ace

Tennis Ace
Set of tennis in Flash more to date succeeded. Exclusively girls however. Two surface available : grass or beaten ground.

Flash Rugby World Cup 2003 Challenge

Rugby World Cup 2003 Challenge
You must goal between the posts by taking account of the wind. A very subtle play, whose increasing difficulty is well managed.

Flash Shootin Hoops

Shootin Hoops
A game of very difficult tennis shoe. You must initially cross the ground and gift to become the 5 players. Then, you owe shooter very just while aiming, which is not a small matter. Touch X for shooter (to maintain it inserted).

Flash DaBomb Pong

DaBomb Pong
Play of Table tennis in 3D conceived very well, with a bomb with delayed-action acting as ball.

Flash Billard

SkillJam proposes this game of simplified pool. A pleasant gameplay, but the effects are not very advanced (no rotation of the balls).

Flash Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike
With the handlebar of your VTT, traverse nature and the mountains by paying attention to the many obstacles which constitute your way, it is also essential to supervise your energy while pedalling for nothing, spare. Good graphics, but average jouability.

Flash Ice Racer

Ice Racer
On board your 4X4 intergalactic, traverse the grounds of this planet refrigerator sometimes by paying attention to its surface very broken which could destroy your vehicle.

Flash Aspen

This game proposes a rather pleasant descent in ski with the first access, but which becomes very quickly wearying.

Flash Canyon Glider

Canyon Glider
Fly into delta-plane. Alternate Right and Left to take off.

Flash Sail Voyage

Sail Voyage
You operate a sailing ship and must pass between the studs. Very joubable, with pleasant graphics, this game becomes however very quickly wearying.

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