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Flash Choplifter

A play based on the play Choplifter of the Eighties. Your mission is to save the hostages by flying over the enemy territories.

Flash Gold Mine

Gold Mine
You must collect gold in a mine, by avoiding the rocks. A small amusing play which requires much address.

Flash Among the clouds

Among the clouds
Pretty graphics and the soft melody of this play will make you live a magic voyage. Direct the montgolfier while admiring the beautiful landscape. Touch the green balloons and avoid the reds. Direct the montgolfier with the mouse, click to fly higher.

Flash Car crenel

Car crenel
You are an ace of the wheel, you passed the licence of the first blow, then prove it and make a crenel in the code of practice in a minimum of time and without touching the other cars.

Flash String Avoider

String Avoider
A play of address in which you must forward an end of string of a point to another without touching the edges. Very amusing and the jouability is very pleasant.

Flash Reel Gold

Reel Gold
Become pioneer of gold. You traverse your crab with the arrows left and right-hand side and actuate the hook with the arrow high/low.

Flash Bird and Elephant

Bird and Elephant
A small very funny game : you are small a bird and you must survive to a big foot of elephant which wants to crush you.

Flash Marble Madness

Marble Madness
Here an adaptation of Marble Madness, fabulous play of address on Nintendo, you control a ball in a labyrinth using the directional crosses and must join the end of the course without falling into the vacuum.

Flash Power Smoker

Power Smoker
In this play you must without feed a whole city in electricity by activating wind mills to saturate them the whole in a limited time.

Flash Tanks

A play resembling Worms in simpler. You owe d├ętruitre the other tank, tou simply. Possibility of playing two one against the other.

Flash Bubbles

Pile up the most bubbles as possible to enlarge and gain points. Help yourself with bubble bonus to survive and be aware about the mines. Music is very nice (Daft Punk etc).

Flash Puppy Curling

Puppy Curling
Play Curling with a dog in the place of the metal disc.

Flash Gyroball

You must guide a ball through a labyrinth 3D. Impeccable graphics, but jouability to be re-examined.

Flash X Training 1

X Training 1
A play very simple. It's a pity that there are no levels.

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