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Flash Solitaire 3D

Solitaire 3D
With not confusing with the card deck, this recluse consists in eliminating all the balls present on the table. That functions like a play of lady, if it is not that it is possible to remove only one ball at the same time. A very fascinating play and also very difficult!

Flash Cubix

Raise all 25 blocks by simply clicking on them.

Flash Extra Lines

Extra Lines
Prevent the board from filling by forming rows of 5 or more pieces of the same color. The completed rows will disappear, leaving the spaces for new pieces. Take a look at the rules to know the special bonuses.

Flash FlashC4

FlashC4 is a mind game in flash inspired from the well-known Connect 4 (also known as Plot Four, Four in a Row, and Four in a Line). The aim is to connect 4 pieces in a row, column or diagonally. Good luck !

Flash Tetris 3D

Tetris 3D
Tetris in 3D. A play extrèmement difficult to take in hand. Good courage!

Flash Jewel Quest

Jewel Quest
Inspired of Zoo Keeper, you must in this play align 3 symbols in a vertical and/or horizontal way, in order to do them disparaitre, to mark points, and to reveal gilded boxes. The level is finished when all the gilded boxes were revealed.

Flash Amazon Quest

Amazon Quest
An excellent reflexion game, in which you must align totems to make disparaitre the flagstones of the lower part.

Flash Tactics Core

Tactics Core
Tactical RPG very sympathetic, all with the mouse in an environment of héroic fantasy.

Flash Dinky Smash

Dinky Smash
Excel play with the paces of Tetris. The levels are very well proportioned, the lifespan of this play is very high.

Flash Crimson Warfare

Crimson Warfare
Play of strategy trés well conceived, with scenario, upgrades and well arranged units. Graphics are completely acceptable, and it is possible to safeguard the part.

Flash Rumble Ball

Rumble Ball
Very beautiful and pleasant puzzle game and address. Drank: to touch all the small yellow balls and the squares of color. This play flash is played directly mouse.

Flash Ultra Block

Ultra Block
You must eliminate the of the same boxes color as soon as three of them are adjacent. Use the bombs of color to remove all the boxes of this same color.

Flash Blox Forever

Blox Forever
Very simple puzzle game, with lots of colors ...

Flash FlashCraft

Adaptation of Warcraft 3 in 2D Flash, you have two castles, it should be protected from the many waves from enemies increasingly powerful, for that you have many structures of defense, you glaner of gold by destroying the adversaries.

Flash Pentominoes

You must fill a space determined starting from parts of puzzle similar to those of Tetris.

Flash Cool Balls

Cool Balls
This small play of reflexion is an excellent drive to arrive at the solution of the solitary PEG.

Flash Connect 4

Connect 4
A connect 4 game, which perhaps will memory of childhood, and whose artificial intelligence is not so easy to beat, with an interface of fast and effective play.

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