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Flash Turbo Spirit XT

Turbo Spirit XT
Race of motor bike, inspired of Hang One on the Sega consoles. It presents the particulity to be played entirely the mouse and not keyboard, very beautiful realization and especially good returned speed.

Flash Planet Racer

Planet Racer
A very good play of race, in a futuristic environment. With money with the key of the duels on each planet, you will be able customiser your vehicle.

Flash Turbo Spirit

Turbo Spirit
For the nostalgic ones, a play in lined of Hang One on Sega consoles.

Flash MiniClip Rally

MiniClip Rally
You must traverse the circuit in a minimum of time, displacement with the arrows. Try to be faster than your Ghost.

Flash Dragon Dash

Dragon Dash
You must further carry out your dragon possible in 60 seconds. For that you must collect a maximum of no-claims bonus to gain the most possible speed, the whole at the rate/rhythm of the music of ExtremeG.

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