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Flash Montgolfier

You should fly with a montgolfier to collect letters in order to find a word which corresponds to the draw on the right-top.

Flash Ultimate Flash Sonic

Ultimate Flash Sonic
The great classic of SEGA retranscribed in Flash.

Flash The matrix Tunel Recon

The matrix Tunel Recon
Sail in the tunnels of Matrix‚?¶ This play is based on the same principle as CAP-Man.

Flash Polar Jump

Polar Jump
Jump of iceberg in iceberg. A small funny play with very pretty graphics.

Flash New Metal Slug

New Metal Slug
Superb graphics and jouability. The only difficulty, and not of least, it is that it is in‚?¶ Japanese! A council: change the keys of the keyboards if you are in AZERTY.

Flash Tribal Jump

Tribal Jump
Nearly identical to Polar Jump. In this play, possible further on the river while jumping from cranium craniums, you help the small native to go dossez the power and the angle of its jump, if you fall to water all is finished.

Flash Prince Of Persia

Prince Of Persia
You incarnate the famous Arab prince and leave to the rescue your good liked on a way strewn with obstacles.

Flash wOne

In this play of arcade/addresses, you incarnate a wheel in multiple course, you must collect all the no-claims bonus of that Ci and will be able to resolve the exit towards the next level.

Flash N Game

N Game
Punt play forms very fast, equipped with a very good handiness. You must collect a maximum of no-claims bonus while avoiding the traps.

Flash Castlevania

Adaptation in flash of the Castlevania game of Konami, intro of the best episode of the series: Symphony of the Night and gameplay inspired of the episodes Game Servant boy Advance, skeletal keys at the beginning and management of gone up in level of the character.

Flash Super Mario World

Super Mario World
The great classic of Nintendo revisited in Flash‚?¶

Flash Mario Bros

Mario Bros
The Nintendo game adapted into Flash, very faithful to the original version at the graphic level, but which fishes a little compared to the complexity of the game.

Flash Taz Tropical Havoc

Taz Tropical Havoc
Play of plate with like hero Taz. Very beautiful design and acceptable jouability. You must destroy the statues present on each island which you visit‚?¶

Flash Heli Attack 3

Heli Attack 3
Superb play of platform/fighting, with very elaborate graphics.

Flash Gandy Quest

Gandy Quest
You must carry out Merlin the enchanter through the forest in this very pretty play of plate.

Flash Megaman Project X

Megaman Project X
A remake of the famous Megaman, rather successful graphically.

Flash Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones
The adaptation in flash of Indiana Jones. If one disregards lack of option in the ordering of Indy, this play is pleasant graphically and pleasant of jouability.

Flash Zed

Ordinary board game with very neat 3D graphics.

Flash Maple Story

Maple Story
Game of platform of excellent invoice. Graphics with small onions and fluid jouability.

Flash Little Rocketman

Little Rocketman
Jump from platform to platform by recovering a maximum of bonus.

Flash Panik in Chocoland

Panik in Chocoland
You direct a rabbit flying in a a little delirious play of platform.

Flash Xevoz Showdown

Xevoz Showdown
Play of platform/fighting very complete, with several weapons at disposal. You incarnate a strong current transferring or an ignited man (with the choice).

Flash Jumpin Jacko

Jumpin Jacko
Play of platform very fast and entrainant. You must colleter all small the icons blue to open the door of exit.

Flash Eminem Mania

Eminem Mania
Play similar to Jumpin Jacko, you incarnate here the singer emblematic of the group of Rap Eminem.

Flash QuibeLand

Platform games graphically very succeeded. Not enough levels however‚?¶

Flash Starship Eleven

Starship Eleven
In this game you direct a vessel spacial and must, using the directional cross, dosser to push it engine to avoid the traps and to pass at the following levels, traditional!

Flash Jet Pac Stan

Jet Pac Stan
Guide the héro Stan in a cave of which it is necessary to find the exit by collecting keys.

Flash Egg Run

Egg Run
Make jump small egg so that it reaches the wood end. A small very simple and rather pretty play.

Flash Polar Rescue

Polar Rescue
Equipped with a band of advertisement worthy of a film of Hollywood, this play of plate is very sober.

Flash Candyman

Board game with childish graphics. Acceptable gameplay.

Flash Itchana Tchones

Itchana Tchones
In this platform game, you incarnate Indiana Jones provided with his whip fetish. You will have to fight zombies and to thwart the traps which will be tended to you.

Flash Megaman Zero

Megaman Zero
Keys: F to jump, G to draw. A resumption in Flash of a game station 16 bits, whose reputation is not any more to make. Graphics are pixelised however too much to be able to benefit from it fully.

Flash Montgolfier

You should fly with a montgolfier to collect letters in order to find a word which corresponds to the draw on the right-top.

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