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Flash Fish Tales

Fish Tales
You direct a small fish using the mouse, and must nourir other inhabitants of the aquarium to take volume. An amusing play and one do not weary themselves any!

Flash Pang Japanese

Pang Japanese
A remake of the coloured arcade game PANG, in Japanese!

Flash BomberMan

This remake of the famous bomberman presents an artificial intelligence of excellent invoice. Option 2 players available.

Flash Hostiles Skies

Hostiles Skies
Play quite carried out so much on the level of the gameplay than on the level of graphics.

Flash Galactic Tennis

Galactic Tennis
A set of tennis in an environment futrist, equipped with vessels as players, play very sympathetic nerve and easy of access.

Flash Galaxy Invaders

Galaxy Invaders
Inspired of very famous Space Invaders, this play is a breakage-brick derivative in space. The bricks are replaced here by monsters.

Flash Star Ball

Star Ball
Arcade game beiing played by mouse, inspired of Arkanoïd.

Flash BombJack

Very good adaptation of this very old game. However it is not possible to stop its dash in the air as in the original play, and graphics are also a little poor (pixelized). The good gameplay catches up with these 2 defects.

Flash Playing with fire

Playing with fire
Without question the best adaptation of the play Bomberman in the spirit. Many options and the possibility of playing several and of proportioning the difficulty.

Flash Playing with fire 2

Playing with fire 2
The second shutter of this excellent play strongly inspired of Bomberman.

Flash Belter

Great classic of the arcade games, to discover or rediscover ! Graphics a little poor and gameplay is average.

Flash Commando Arena

Commando Arena
A very playable arcade game, in which you must try to survive your enemies in a stressing environment close to Star-Wars.

Flash Pang 2001

Pang 2001
The remake of the mythical game Pang. Acceptable graphics and jouability. The difficulty is however too high in comparison with the original game.

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