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Flash Tennis 3D

Tennis 3D
Play tennis in 3D, a play enough amusing which manages the effects of racket.

Flash Hulk Smash Up

Hulk Smash Up
Inspired of the unvivers of incredible Hulk, this play proposes to you to destroy all that surrounds you: buildings, drunk, jeeps, etcâ?¦

Flash Cat A Pult

Cat A Pult
You must catapult cats in the openings which are presented on the frontage. You will have a torture bonus if you manage to decorate the 4 spades which overhangs the wall.

Flash Park a lot

Park a lot
In this original game, you must park cars and then to restore them with their owner. You are free to place them anywhere in the carpark, but then you will have to remember where this finds the good vehicle.

Flash Rigelian HotShots

Rigelian HotShots
You incarnate a ball of fire and must absorb a maximum of insects, by avoiding the richeuses walls which ravel.

Flash Mosquitos

Very simple play: it is necessary to clean up the mosquitos before being emptied of its blood.

Flash Cheese

A very simple play, built well, but not very enthralling.

Flash Uber Pool

Uber Pool
Play of an original, oval billiards equipped with 4 holes, a number of blow unlimited even if the balls are moving, the whole is to be able at all to return them in time assigned! The catch in hand is difficult.

Flash Lumber Joe

Lumber Joe
You incarnate a swimmer who must cross a river by avoiding tree trunks.

Flash Monkey Lander

Monkey Lander
You must make atterir a monkey in flying saucer on a platform, by recovering bananas with the passage, history to decorate the voyage.

Flash Ballistic Biscuit

Ballistic Biscuit
A very simple game in which you make thenautical one on a large buoy and must avoid 100 remains or frogs.

Flash Pol

You must avoid the mines and the balloons.

Flash Cat Vac Catapult 2

Cat Vac Catapult 2
Save ordinary cats of an atrocious death, by catapulting them in pipes. This pgame is the continuation of Cat A Pult.

Flash Runner cosmonaut

Runner cosmonaut
Into monochromic and without its, this play can paraitre rejecting with the first access. And yet, the levels are made goods (with passwords all 2 levels).

Flash Parachutist

Controlez descent of the parachutist, by avoiding the obstacles.

Flash Spiderman

Spiderman in its works accompanied by batman for the Very basic occasionâ?¦, this play deserves to devote 3 minutes to it.

Flash Frisbee Dog

Frisbee Dog
You must make jump a dog wisely sitted on a skate-board so that it attrappe of the frisbee and balls by avoiding the grenades and the frisbees assassins.

Flash Fruity Basket

Fruity Basket
Small very simple play in which it is enough to collect fruits which fall from the trees.

Flash Dare-Dozen

You must make jump an egg of basket out of basket. This play misses a little variety unfortunately.

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